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Men's Basketball
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Women's Volleyball
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Welcome to the Thunderdome.


The UCSB Events Center is a multipurpose facility that strives to provide a clean, safe, well equipped venue where students, staff, faculty and community members can enjoy participating in athletic, academic, recreational or special events.


Upcoming Events

Jun 22 (All day) to Jun 24 (All day)
 –  UCSB Boy's Basketball Camp
Jul 08 (All day) to Jul 12 (All day)
 –  Top Dawg Basketball Camp
Jul 20 (All day) to Jul 22 (All day)
 –  Women's Volleyball Camp
Jul 28 (All day) to Jul 31 (All day)
 –  Men's Volleyball Camp
Aug 06 (All day) to Aug 09 (All day)
 –  Orange County Leadership

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